Margaret has been my trainer for the past year. She has so much energy and enthusiasm for her work that it is infectious. Her lessons are well structured, uses the whole body always building on the previous but adding new and interesting elements to it to keep it interesting , hard work and fun. She challenges you and pushes you to the extent that she knows you can reach and does not let you give up (which I very much appreciate)" thanks Margaret!- Joan

Margaret's class is the most dynamic class I have ever taken.
Class is never boring and is always challenging. I have seen amazing changes in my body, my energy level and general well being.-Jenn

Margaret is a highly thoughtful and motivating trainer
who keeps up with all the latest fitness techniques. She keeps me motivated by switching up the routine often and keeps the class moving while also making it fun. I have surpassed my strength and flexibility goals under her guidance and I am a huge fan! - Cathy ("the Brooklyn TRX crew")

Routines are so varied that boredom I feared never sets in. M
argaret is such a "good mother" to us, a seeming in-born sense of fairness and interest in each that is shown. Everyone gets such equal attention that group becomes more fun than individual workout because of camaraderie between students in class. The Wet class (pool) is especially so, Margaret asking me always "what's wrong" as I come to this class glum and frowning; I say "it is cold", yet moments later laughing throughout having fun with everyone dispise the real execise we do. - Age 72

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